London aims to keep its traffic moving using new ‘rich data’ technology.

In a need to ease congestion and improve road safety, London is implementing the use of a new data analysis software in its traffic system.

According to the recent traffic index, London is ranked at the 63, out of the total 209 indexed cities. In a bid to improve the traffic scenario, the Transport of London (TfL) has contracted the information technology company Sopra Steria for the development of a new control center that will allow staffs to keep an eye on all 360 miles of the capital’s roads that it manages.

The software which Spora Steria is developing will be able to render and display constantly updated data about the congestion, bus performance, weather situation, roadworks, including any incidents that occur on the road network and its current status. The company says that the use of ‘rich data’ will play a key role in the working of the software.

“Our vision is to empower the government to make a difference to everyone, every day, through the services we design and deliver. The new control room system will make use of rich data to enable TfL to keep citizens and visitors alike safe and on the move through the city’s road network,” said Adrian Fieldhouse, Sopra Steria’s managing director for the government.

‘Rich Data’ in the simplest form is the data used to predict consumer behavior. The process involves the compilation of data to determine what a person or user is going to do such transacting a purchase or so.
The goal of TfL is to reduce the predict and generate incident alerts which it can then pass onto the relevant authorities such as local councils or the emergency services. Another aspect of this software can be providing routing assistance to the common road users.

TfL is serious with its ongoing strategy of using modern solutions to improve the management of the road network. In 2018, TfL announced a project with tech giant Siemens to develop technology that would allow it to analyze congestion in real-time and optimizes traffic lights in response. If all these technological advancements come into fruition, London’s traffic index will serve as a role model for other cities.


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